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About the brand

Éki Kéré as a brand celebrates the core African traditions and craftsmanship but in a more contemporary fashion as well as creating artisanal looks and designs that is tailored at tackling fashion waste and leaving very minimal carbon footprint in the environment.

Éki Kéré demonstrates and tells an epic story with comfortable and asymmetric silhouette in her designs and the products treated as art.

The products from Éki Kéré has to scream art, the story of the raffia heritage and the clothing must sit comfortably on the wearers body.

Éki Kéré celebrates arts and African unique craftsmanship of which 70% of the products coming out from Éki Kéré is hand crafted, and so at Éki Kéré , you will find more artisans working than tailors.

The masquerade/Ekpo: If you know The Raffia City you will fondly know the masquerade. Éki Kéré is heavily influenced by the masquerade culture as the designer grew up watching different kinds of masquerade-Ekpo; Aboikpa-Ekpo, Abon, Ekpo-Ntok-Ayen, Eka-Ekpo, Ekôñ, Ekpo-Iso-Iba, etc.

Asymmetric and material: Asymmetric and unconventionality is one of the key defining factor of the style at Éki Kéré. With utmost respect to the ecosystem, we have resorted to dyeing our materials with locally made dyes and rust while incorporating other materials like plantain fibres and raffia into our designs.
Our raw materials are sourced all over Africa, like The looru fabric from Jos, the Mail mud cloth, and the Funtua fabric from the funtua fabric mill Kanu.

Our quest for circular and sustainable fashion has lead the Creative Director; Abasiekeme Ukanireh to the invention of the raffia vest.
The Raffia Vest is made with raffia mat, hand woven by the indigenous people of Ikot Ekpene, in the southern part of Nigeria.
The raffia mat is weaved using the traditional raffia weaving methods that dates far beyond 15th century.

The idea here was to create a kind of clothing that can easily decompose and used as manure at the end of life, that way, we are able to take active part in promoting our culture, preserving our traditional craftsmanship and the ecosystem at large.

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