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Our origin

Éki Kéré, envisioned a world where African traditions and craftsmanship are celebrated in a contemporary fashion, where fashion is not just about style, but also about sustainability. At Eki Kéré, we strive to create artisanal looks and designs that tell an epic story, leaving a minimal carbon footprint on our environment : We create fashion that respects people and planet

Who we are

Our brand is rooted in the celebration of African traditions, the preservation of our cultural heritage, and a deep commitment to sustainability. We believe in honoring the craftsmanship of generations past while embracing innovation and creativity to shape the future of fashion. Through our designs, we seek to weave stories of heritage and artistry, crafting garments that not only adorn the body but also nourish the soul. Our dedication to reducing fashion waste and minimizing our carbon footprint drives us to explore unconventional materials and production methods, ensuring that every piece we create reflects our values of authenticity, integrity, and environmental stewardship. At Éki Kéré, we don't just make clothes—we craft experiences, inspire change, and champion a more conscious and compassionate approach to fashion.

What we do

Our mission at Éki Kéré is to redefine fashion by showcasing the beauty of African heritage while embracing modern, eco-conscious practices. Through comfortable and asymmetric silhouettes, our designs serve as wearable art, embodying the rich culture and craftsmanship of Africa. We are committed to reducing fashion waste by crafting 70% of our products by hand, ensuring that each piece screams artistry and honors our raffia heritage.

Creative signature

Éki Kéré draws inspiration from the rich masquerade culture of The Raffia City, reflecting in its designs a tapestry of masquerade traditions such as Aboikpa-Ekpo, Abon, Ekpo-Ntok-Ayen, Eka-Ekpo, Ekôñ, and Ekpo-Iso-Iba. Embracing asymmetry and unconventionality, Éki Kéré's style is defined by its innovative use of locally sourced materials like raffia, plantain fibers, and rust-dyed fabrics. Raw materials are meticulously selected from across Africa, including looru fabric from Jos, Mali mud cloth, and Funtua fabric from the Funtua fabric mill Kanu. At the forefront of circular and sustainable fashion, Éki Kéré's Creative Director, Abasiekeme Ukanireh, spearheaded the invention of the Raffia Vest. Handwoven by artisans in Ikot Ekpene (south of Nigeria) using traditional raffia weaving methods dating back centuries, the Raffia Vest epitomizes the brand's commitment to promoting culture, preserving craftsmanship, and respecting the ecosystem by creating clothing that naturally decomposes into manure at the end of its life cycle.

Our guiding principles

 We take pride in our roots and celebrate the unique craftsmanship found across Nigeria.

We constantly strive to push boundaries and innovate, finding new ways to blend tradition with modernity.

We prioritize sustainability in everything we do, from our sourcing of materials to our production processes.

We empower local artisans and communities, creating opportunities for them to showcase their talents and preserve cultural heritage and sustain their livelihood.

We believe in authenticity and storytelling, ensuring that each piece we create reflects the rich narrative of our culture.

Abasiekeme Ukanireh

Founder & Creative Director of Eki Kéré

In the bustling streets of Nigeria's vibrant cities, amidst the colorful tapestry of African culture, one visionary fashion designer stands out: Abasiekeme, the driving force behind Eki Kéré, a fashion house that seamlessly blends genuine African traditions with a modern, sustainable approach.
Abasiekeme's journey began with a deep appreciation for her African heritage and a profound concern for the environment. Determined to create a brand that not only celebrated the rich craftsmanship of Nigeria but also addressed the pressing issue of waste and carbon footprint, she embarked on a mission to redefine fashion for the modern world.

Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns and vibrant colors of traditional textiles printing techniques, natural materials such as raffia, Abasiekeme set out to create a brand that honored the legacy of craftsmanship while embracing innovative, eco-friendly practices. Guided by her commitment to sustainability, she sourced materials ethically and invested in eco-conscious production methods, ensuring that every piece reflected her dedication to environmental stewardship.
But Abasiekeme's vision extended beyond just creating beautiful clothing. She sees Eki Kéré as a platform for change—a space where fashion could be a force for good, uplifting communities and protecting the planet. With this in mind, she partnered with local artisans and cooperatives, empowering them to showcase their talents and preserving age-old techniques for future generations.

At the heart of's ethos lies a commitment to reducing waste and minimizing its carbon footprint. Abasiekeme pioneered innovative recycling initiatives, repurposing fabric scraps and reclaimed materials to create stunning, one-of-a-kind designs that are as eco-friendly as they are stylish.
As word spread of Eki Kéré's unique approach to fashion, Abasiekeme found herself at the forefront of a movement—a movement that celebrated tradition, embraced sustainability, and inspired change. Through her leadership and unwavering dedication, she not only transformed the fashion industry but also sparked a global conversation about the importance of preserving our planet's precious resources.

Today, stands as a beacon of hope and innovation—a testament to Abasiekeme's vision and the enduring power of fashion to make a positive impact. With every stitch, every pattern, and every design, Abasiekeme and continue to celebrate the beauty of Nigerian traditions while paving the way towards a more sustainable, inclusive future for fashion and the planet.

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